Too many projects & not enough time…

Maybe I’m easily distracted.  Maybe I just have a short attention span.  Maybe I’m not the “motivated” individual my high school guidance counselor thought I was.  But where in the world did the summer go?

I had plans- big plans!-  to work on the house all summer long.  But now I’m smack up against the end of summer, with only one or two measly little project completed (mainly outside planting).  What happened? 

So, as of today, I hearby resolve to take inspiration from all those tikes having to do homework again, and get back into house-mode. 

Among the projects M & I get to tackle this fall:

Finishing the bathroom- specifically the shower, shower walls and trim.  Everything else is at about 100%.

Replacing the front and back doors-  and if push comes to shove, at least the back door.  It’s just a horrendous eyesore  (pictures to be posted later)

Removing the nasty ceiling fan in the kitchen that knocks into cabinet doors when they are open (seriously)- and replacing it with the beautiful new light that is currently sitting our basement.  Not sure why I haven’t gotten to this one yet- other than the wiring in our house was a nightmare, and we went without lights in the dining room for a week before I could figure out what went wrong…

Changing out the light in the guest bedroom.

And eventually this late fall/winter (ok, maybe even next spring)

A kitchen remodel!  Yay!

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