Cross it off the list!

Ok, so I underestimated how long the bathroom trim would take…and the other repairs I would have to do because of the new trim.  But we’re about 98% complete-  just one more piece to put into place and a nice final coat of paint, and we’re good to go…(pun intended)

I also tackled the yard again this weekend-  specifically the planting of a new “Limelight” Hydrangea bush I talked about on my other blog here.  I also pulled out a ton of weeds (thistles anyone?) and mowed the front lawn with our new push mower.  My family teases me a bit  lot about that purchase- I guess my dad used one back when he was a kid to mow his parent’s lawn-  but I like it. 

I get the extra exercise to justify having ice cream when I want it.

I save the gross national product of small Eastern European country in gas.

It’s eco-friendly-and we like looking like wannabe hipsters.

It’s quiet (so if I feel the need to go mow the grass at 3am I can)

If you squint when you see me, it sorta looks like I’m riding around my yard on a Segway.

And I don’t have to furiously pull like a madwoman to get it to turn-over and start.  (Our gas mower is finicky and I guess I don’t have the right touch…)

So- join the revolution- or feel free to laugh at me from your riding mower.  Whatever…

reel mower

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4 thoughts on “Cross it off the list!

  1. j

    Like you are up at 3AM! Who are you trying to kid!

  2. Ooo…crushed….

  3. We have a push mower, too, and our neighbor keeps coming over and mowing our lawn!

    He says it’s because he wants to help us out in some way while we renovate, but I suspect he doesn’t quite believe that we have the push mower because we *want* it.

  4. cotterpinhouse

    That’s funny- I would love to have my neighbor mow my lawn! They just give me funny looks instead!

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