Update: Bathroom- before

As you can see- it was kind of ugly.  There were bright blue and black tiles that lined the walls (I’ll post those pics later- when the bath is completely done.) to about 6ft.  The brown stuff you see around the jam is the adhesive for the original tiles.   Removal of the adhesive was not possible- all the sanding/scraping/cursing was getting us no where.  Also, the room is pretty small, and we didn’t want to wainscott up to the 6ft mark because we felt it would close the room in even more, so we skim coated the walls to smooth eveything out.   The door is also extremely close to the wall on the left- and a standard size door jamb wouldn’t fit in the 1 1/2″ width, so we had to find a smaller jamb trim to fit in the spot…

top of the door floor and wallclose-up

Stay tuned at the same bat-time and same bat-channel for pics of the finished door/trim tomorrow!

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