Sooner than later

We had been planning on finishing off the bathroom the end of this month- maybe, just maybe- extending it into October…sigh….foolish, foolish homeowners.

Yesterday morning, M came out from his shower and told me the tub wasn’t draining again.  The day before it had stopped up- but we have an old fashioned tub (who am I kidding?  Everything’s old fashioned) with a “waste” knob that drains the tub.  We fiddled with that a bit, and everything was A-OK.  Yesterday though, that same little trick didn’t work. 

Instead it makes a horrible metal scraping on metal sound, then the unsettling sound of silence.  It was kind of like hearing the roar of a steel tyrannosaurus, and then quiet, and knowing it’s about to eat you alive.

So, anyway, the plumber has been called- and should be arriving momentarily- and we figured that as long as we’ll have a living, breathing plumber in the house, we’ll also add on finding how much the shower addition for our tub will cost.  We’re just moving the time line up a bit- which doesn’t happen all that often with our home renovation…so yay.

clogged drain- not ours....

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