Anyone know a good plumber?

The second opinion we were waiting on for the bathroom fell through last night-  no sign of the guy.  So, onto a #3- if we can find a reliable #3 out of the 1,000s in the phone book. 

 Until then, feel free to enjoy a random architecture picture- I never knew (until 5 or 6 years ago) that  that Cream City brick (the yellow brick in the picture) was unique to Milwaukee….other cities’ bricks are red because of the iron in their soil.  

Feel free to use that little tidbit the next time you’re on Jeopardy.

love the arched windows

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2 thoughts on “Anyone know a good plumber?

  1. D

    You never heard about Milwaukee being ‘the Cream City’?
    Up until 5-6 yerars ago you weren’t around downtown MKE that much so probably didn’t notice it.

    What we need now is a city law mandating steam cleaning of all buildings every 5 years to restore the color of the cream city brick.
    it works in Paris, I can hear M now..”stupid French!!”

    Nice architectural pic. maybe you shoul d check out a copy of Architectual Digest, you’d like the pix in that magazine..

  2. That’s why it’s cream colored? Never knew that. But, having been born and raised in Mil-town, I DID know it as the Cream City.

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