Clear sailing ahead…maybe…

skyGot a second third opinion on the bathroom- and it was $1800 cheaper than the original quote…

Now, maybe the third plumber is a hack who will ruin our plumbing, forcing us to bathe in the backyard with a hose.  And maybe the first plumber will give us the bathroom of our dreams, AND will come back weekly to clean it.  That would probably explain the  difference in price.  Now, I know you get what you pay for, but I think we’re going to take our chances with the garden-hose plumber.

This weekend:  Going to look at shower walls & faucets.  May (or may not) get the grass mowed.  And, if I’m not too tired, get the new kitchen light up.  Whee….Good times.

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2 thoughts on “Clear sailing ahead…maybe…

  1. D

    an old joke from Klick and Klack the Tapett Bros on NPR fits best
    “Always check their truck for a boat hitch, that’ll tell you charging too much!”
    A little truth in every joke..

  2. WOW that is breathtaking. i have a thing for clouds!! 🙂

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