Finally legal in the bathroom

Or The New Window Inside our House...

The plumber came today and fixed the shower, so we are now legally compliant to the building codes. What a load off my mind…really…I’ll finally be able to sleep at night now and not have to worry about a SWAT team breaking down my doors.

Anyway, he was able to do it in just a day-he was friendly- and we save a boatload of money. Not much more to say than that.

The only downside is now we have to get moving on getting the new shower walls installed- this weekend if possible…well… because we have a nice new window in the wall between the bathroom and the living room. I know the industrial look is in- but this is not exactly my style. And I can’t say that guests would like the experience either.

Shower Before:


Shower After (she’s beautiful, no?):


Stella peeking through the new window


And the view from the living room…yup, that’s the tub…

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