Let there be light. And it was good.

We got the new kitchen light up today- and it’s already doing its job like a pro. We were surprised because, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, the wiring in our house is a little lot wonky. No black/white wire designations for us. NO! That would be too easy for expert home renovators like ourselves. All the wires are brown- as to provide a sufficient guessing game to keep us on our toes!

After all, half the fun of the job is playing the switcheroo game with the various wires, and then yelling down to M (stationed in the basement next to the breaker box) to hit it, and then hold my breath waiting for lights to come on. If they don’t, then another yell to cut it, then back to the switcheroo game again! On our dining room chandelier we probably did this about 6 times before I realized that I was out of combinations- and the fuse in the light switch had blown- so no combo would have turned on the lights.


Anyway, attached are pics of the new light- and the ample clearance we now have to open the cabinets. We also noticed that the light is a lot closer to the ceiling, making the room look bigger/taller, and allowing M to walk through the kitchen without having to duck away from the fan blades out of fear for his mortal life.

yay- lightplent o' clearance

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