pretty, pretty concrete?

I know- those two words don’t usually go together. When I think of concrete, I usually think of the harsh, grey, -unforgiving on clumsy people’s knees- material that makes up everyday sidewalks. But…but…

so...pretty...It started with my on-line search for soapstone. I love the look of the material, and would love to have it installed for our kitchen counter tops. I’ve heard it’s extremely durable, but that it’s a bit fussy- mainly in that you need to oil it regularly. Now, I have trouble remembering when I watered my indoor plants or when my last haircut was or what I did with that winning lottery ticket (yeah, right, we’re the Rockefeller’s here)- so I don’t know if I can handle the monthly oil treatment for my counter tops.

So, I was looking at alternatives- and concrete was mentioned. Specifically, This Old House had how concrete counters are produced- and I was surprised at the pretty, pretty colors. (I’m like a bird that way- I like shiny colorful objects). While I’m not convinced it’s the right choice for our bungalow- and a bit leery over reports that it can crack like a driveway- it’s now a possibility I’m mulling over.

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3 thoughts on “pretty, pretty concrete?

  1. FYI – You don’t HAVE to oil soapstone. That’s a personal choice. The oil darkens the soapstone and some people like that look. Or you can just leave it natural, which is what we do.

    Concrete countertops are very cool too.

  2. cotterpinhouse

    Thanks for the tip! Everything I’ve been reading mentions oiling the soapstone- so I’m glad there’s an alternative…

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