If I was a Southern belle…


I love old houses…The history, the craftsmanship, the character. Not sure why as they’re usually more trouble than you expect- which is why I’m…hankering would be a proper Southern word for it…over the Cottage Living New Orleans dream house. I realize I probably sound like an ad for the magazine, but I honestly like the house- the floor plan, character, design- almost all of it. And while it’s brand new, I like that it seems like an old house. While I might have chosen a different decorating style for way up here in da Nor’tern states, ya know- the look definitely fits New Orleans. If I lived in the South, this would be my kind of house.

M & I visited New Orleans right before he was deployed- and almost a year to the day before Hurricane Katrina hit. We had so much fun exploring the city- the architecture and history were major bonuses for me. Every corner seemed like a photograph waiting to happen. I wanted to move there for the winter- and kept saying to him “There’s an apartment for me to rent- it probably wouldn’t cost too much…”

When the levees broke, both of us- me in Milwaukee, him in Iraq- were floored by the destruction to a city that was so vital when we had visited. Houses (and residents) filled with history and character were just washed away or abandoned as trash- a loss I don’t think has been realized by the bureaucrats promising to help. While the slow pace of rebuilding is frustrating, I’m amazed at the tenacity and ingenuity of the residents that have come back- including building small spaces that don’t look or feel like small spaces (i.e. the great “Katrina” Cusato Cottages), that an average person can use to get back on their feet. Maybe a little more thought- and less sweeping the problem under the rug- and we would have a solid plan to rebuild such a historic city…

So, didn’t mean for that to get away from me- I’ll get off my soapbox now…

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One thought on “If I was a Southern belle…

  1. D

    You could be a Southern Belle, I drove by some of the old houses in Franklin,. remember breakfast at Puckett’s Grocery? and thought, “These are houses that Beth would love.”
    Promise to take you there on a more leasurely pace soon…

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