Fun and Funky Finishes

tile 2

I’m all about the stuff with character- so once again, I’m taking inspiration from This Old House online- and totally digging the art tile gallery they have posted.   I like the vintage feel of the tiles- but can’t think of anywhere to put them!  The back-splash of the kitchen would probably be the best place, but I’m afraid how pricey that’ll get given the space I’d need to cover…I guess I’m cheap in that I’m not willing to pay more for the tile than I would for a used car-  sorry kitchen!

It’s a bit of the cheater’s way, but maybe I could just get a couple, frame/mount them, and hang them on the kitchen wall instead.  And it would save me from having a heart attack when I hear that a future owner of my little bungalow tears them out with a sledgehammer…

No new updates on house stuff-  just closing down the yard for the winter (sigh)- and putting the storm windows back in place of the screen doors (another deep sigh).  Bring it on Old Man Winter- I’ll be ready for you…if I have to be…

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