Clearing out, and putting up, the cobwebs

Yard work…yard work…yard work…Just saying it makes me a little tired.

Normally I really enjoy gardening- it’s kind of become a new hobby for me over the past year because we were lucky enough to get a well-planted yard when we bought the house. For some reason I’m no good at keeping indoor plants alive (maybe because I forget they need water to live), but outdoor ones seem to grow like weeds (the rain probably helps with that). But getting ready for winter, well, somehow it’s not as much fun as getting ready for summer. Strange, huh?

So, tomorrow, I’ll be up to my elbows raking up the newly fallen leaves (thank you huge, mature, maple trees outside our house), planting the spring bulbs I bought, cleaning up our porch, pruning the roses, and pulling weeds. Yay! So much fun! Luckily the weather’s been cool but nice, and the colors are near peak and beautiful.

tree in Mackinacred leaf

autumn trees

After that- the Halloween decorations go up. M loves Halloween- so we’ve got usual assortment of goodies, including a yearly costume for Stella. Last year it was Yoda, this year it’s a pumpkin. Yeah, it’s corny, and it usually only stays on about 15 minutes before she starts pawing at it-but the pictures are one of the best parts of the holiday.

Guess who was woken up to take this pic?

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One thought on “Clearing out, and putting up, the cobwebs

  1. J

    It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown! By the look of the ears, she’s not enjoying Halloween as much as M will be. Oh well, she likes the kids coming to the door anyway! And the candy-oh the candy! Maybe a piece will fall to the floor and be eaten before anyone notices? Enjoy the raking and pulling and planting. Much love

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