A Room with a View…of the Neighbor’s House.

The room with the view is our bathroom to be exact- and the view is from the vantage point of our tub.

Yes, you read correctly- our first-floor bathroom has a very inconvenient window placed smack-dab in the middle of our shower. I’m sure the intention had been to provide additional light into the small room- which it does superbly through a set of those opaque glass blocks- but still…I feel a bit paranoid taking a shower at night.

So, definitely need to fix that- whether it’s with a mini shower curtain, or some blinds, or something that can stand up to the shower spray…I’m just not sure what exactly yet.

Luckily, I’ve persuaded M to go with me to get the shower walls tomorrow- a project a couple of weeks in the making. Yeah, the hole between the two rooms? I’m not really liking it. The black trash bag that keeps the water inside the shower? Again with me and the dislike.

Anyway, maybe we’ll find something suitable for a bit more privacy, and a few options for trimming out that fabulous window while we’re at it. My dad suggested taking out the wood sill and putting in a piece of marble – a good non-porous idea- but I’m worried about cutting it to size. Maybe some marble tiles instead? And, I’m still not sure about the trim pieces for the rest of it though- the wood that’s currently in place has the paint peeling off, and I’m worried about the future water damage.

Anybody have any good ideas? Maybe just boarding up the window altogether? (I kid, I kid… For now.)

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One thought on “A Room with a View…of the Neighbor’s House.

  1. We dealt with this VERY thing in our shower too. Here is how we dealt with it.


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