Danger (and hard work) lurking in the mailbox

Or the Power of Suggestion.

Advertisements are dangerous, dangerous things. Especially dangerous are the home improvement mailings that land weekly in our mailbox. Somehow- I’m still figuring out how exactly- they know my weaknesses and prey on my vulnerabilities. Ooooo…look at the pretty colors, and their matching trim!….yes, my walls are looking kind of drab, and white really isn’t a good background for our artwork…we could really punch up the look of the room….(and the clincher) And it probably wouldn’t take that long.

If you hadn’t guessed, our Home Depot is having a Ralph Lauren paint sale…sigh…pine…lust…

Right before we moved our furniture in, M & I spent a day painting the dining room a warm vanilla bean type of color- it was fun, and didn’t take that long (of course the room isn’t that big)- and with no furniture, it was pretty easy.

The blue paint in the bathroom was tougher- the room was a lot smaller, and the pole for the roller kept hitting walls and fixtures as I tried to get the ceiling done…and yeah, if you look closely, you can spot the original white showing through in a few corners. It also served to remind me that time has a way of erasing the hard work associated with painting, and leaving the “oh that’s so cute- he/she has paint in his/her hair!” memories.

Which is why I’m strugging with this advertisement…The paint is just short of luscious, and they used these cool glazes with names like candlelight and river rock, that catches the light just so. The walls look SO nice that it’s hard for me not to think of how great that would look in the living room- or even just as an accent wall in our bedroom.

Of course, the need to apply the glaze with a 9″ roller is doing a good job of grounding me (Can you imagine using just a 9″ roller for an entire living room? OMG) but I’m still tempted to try it out first in the bedroom…

Haven’t even mentioned it to M yet- I can imagine his reaction…Um, don’t we need to finish that bathroom you’ve been complaining about first?

Yeah, yeah…but a girl can dream in color, can’t she?

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One thought on “Danger (and hard work) lurking in the mailbox

  1. Mick.

    Um, don’t we need to finish the bathroom you’ve been complaining about first?
    Love, M

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