A blow against the mighty paint conglomerate…

Here and here.

Love it, love it, love it. Just found this online yesterday- and it got my imagination revving… Cute designs- and they’re removable.

Let me say that again.

They’re removable!

No having to paint over (multiple coats) when you move- or want to change up the look! Just peel it off. I would be worried about them peeling off on their own- or looking kinda plastic-y- but I’d be willing to try it out first.

Can you tell that my world’s just been rocked a bit?

Whatisblik.com also has a program in which you insert your own words- and voila!- instant art. Definitely going to try it out when we are finishing up the kitchen. I also like the Insomnia one so much at whatisblik.com- I might have to get it to have on hand when we have a kid’s room some day in the future to decorate…

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