Those bugs ain’t no ladies…

We’re inching closer to finishing the bathroom- yesterday we actually bought the needed supplies!  Shocking, right?  Only how many weeks in the making?  So this upcoming weekend (how many times have I said that before? Seems to be a recurring theme) M & I are going to tackle putting the shower walls up….

I feel a bit like a slacker by using the pre-formed walls- because it’s not exactly keeping in the style of the house.  We made sure to get one of the more neutral shower wall sets, so I don’t think it’ll stick out- but my first choice probably would have been tiling.  The issues we’ve had with the glue that held up the plastic tiles kind of scares me though, and I’m afraid the compound and new tile would just pull away from the plaster.  And, if I’m honest, I might be a little worried about tiling a vertical surface (but it’s mostly that first one.)

In other news, we also picked up a new porch light that IS keeping in the style of the house.  That too will be put up this upcoming weekend- so lots of pictures coming soon.

Finally, the fake ladybugs are back.  For those who may not be blessed cursed with this minor infestation, don’t be fooled…They’re not your friendly every day garden variety of ladybugs- they’re Japanese biting beetles.  Beetles who seem to take a malevolent glee in getting into your house and flinging themselves at any bright light fixture they can find that happens to be near your head.  When they tire of that game, they proceed to either bite you, leaving strange little fake ladybug teeth marks on open surfaces of your skin- or prostrate themselves at your feet so you step on them and trail their gummy orange bodies all over your clean floors.  Heh…Yeah.  Fun.

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