A retro sucker is born every minute- or about 28 years ago.

Ok, ok.  I think it’s been firmly established that I’m a huge sucker for things with character.  I’m also a huge sucker for retro-style home goods.  And, I’m a bit slow at times to adopt new technology- is anyone really surprised at that one?   But luckily I do have a little common sense stuffed in some dusty corner of my mind that I can pull out when needed. 

My thought process as I looked at the Restoration Hardware Holiday catalog and saw this in the toys:

Oh my gosh…So cute!


That would be perfect for a little boy- or a little girl.  I love the design- and that it’s not a standard “power wheel” version.  No batteries to charge!

I don’t have a little boy- or a little girl for that matter- and most likely would not have a child big enough to use that for awhile.

But it’s so cute!  And it promotes imagination- and doesn’t require electricity! 

I wish they made an adult size one.

Oh, wait.  The design is based on “the design of Ferrari F2 Grand Prix racers of the 1950s”…so they do have an adult size one.  And an adult size one would be how much?  About a million dollars?

I could totally see my future children scooting around in one of those.  It’s so cute!  The design is so sleek!  Maybe I could get one, and use it as a house accent piece or a planter or something until my unborn children are old enough to use. How much could it cost?

Oh.  $499.  Wow.  That’s like…a new dishwasher…or a skylight for upstairs (without installation)…or a new sink…or (insert another home renovation thing here)….

It’s still so cute.

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