Inspiration and perspiration

So now that we’re at the finish line with the bathroom (complete before and after pics to be posted soon!), we need to think about the next big thing. Kitchen? Attic? or maybe Doors? All things I’ve already obsessed about.

Problem is that we’re going to be traveling quite a bit in the next two months- families and holidays are good in that way. So, while we love to travel, we need a project that won’t suffer from us traveling- and won’t break the travel/holiday/(yay)presents budget. So, I’m leaning towards putting off the kitchen until after the new year- but that opens a new can of worms.

Is it getting to be too cold to put in the new doors? Too cold to put in insulation upstairs? Can either one be done by a fiercely determined woman whose husband has been sucked into a textbook while he studies for his last finals ever (yay again btw)?

I need some inspiration….a little help here?

Also- Happy Halloween! I don’t have any funny/scary/interesting Halloween stories to share, but do have plenty of gratuitous autumn leaves pictures to share- hey there’s even a graveyard in this one…

tree and graveyard

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