What’s the password?

After much debate, struggle, and gnashing of teeth (for me, not M), I think we’re going to get the doors worked on next.  But, due to the colder weather- and the installation cost (how is it that installation costs more than the door itself?), we’ll probably tackle the ugliest door first- the back door.

The front door- while it isn’t great- has at least been painted to camouflage the ugliness.  You can’t hide the back though- as you see in the attached photos.  I guess the last owner had some health problems- and proceeded to glue all the windows shut, and hermetically seal the back door window- to keep allergens/dust/alien invaders out.  We didn’t realize this until after we had bought the house.

So, yeah, now our back door has an old-school peephole where a nice window use to reside.  (take good notice of the expandable foam sealing the two panels together- classy…)  I kinda expect flappers looking for moonshine to come knocking on my back door at all hours of the night.

Luckily with the bathroom now done, we can make all the bathtub gin they require.

door- insidedoor- outside view

no password- no entry.

Attached is also the picture of the back door I would like to get from Lowe’s…but worry about Stella’s doggie nose smudging up the bottom.  Maybe we should go with the 9 pane door instead?


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One thought on “What’s the password?

  1. flangedoozer

    installation should run about $150-$200
    Foshey can give you a price for comparison.
    I’d go with the 9 lite, a little more secure, a lot easier to keep doggine noseprints off of it…

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