Jack Frost nipping at my nose.

For the first time this season, you can feel winter coming. Its icy frozen jaws are about to clamp down…

Even though I complained, I’m glad I got my yard work done when I did- while it was still nice. Tuesday we’re suppose to have flurries. Flurries! Or, as I call it, Angel Spit.

Ok, so I don’t really call it that, but um, yeah, have I mentioned yet that I hate snow? Yeah, pretty much hate it- except at Christmastime- and only then if it’s the soft fluffy not-too-cold stuff.

I go through this every year- so I’m not sure why I complain every year. You’d think I would get use to it…

Anywhooo- while I’m off bundling up, enjoy these kinda artsy photos I took today- before the ice and snow sets in.

And oh, yeah, Stella’s bundling up too…

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