Good for camping out- not for grilling out.

Or the many uses of a flashlight.  That would be more appropriate.

Ah, daylight savings time- I will miss you.  Your departure has given me one more thing for us to add to our home improvement list.

Last night, my sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner- good times.   I had made Italian food the last time they had come for dinner, so I decided some good ol’ fashioned grilled chicken would be a good choice.  Grilled chicken cooked on our grill, naturally.  Outside.  At 5:30, when it was DARK. 

Just turn on the back yard porch light, right?  Oh, wait…don’t have one of those.  The only light source was an alley light five houses down- and the little bit of kitchen light filtering through our flapper window.  So, necessity being the mother of invention and all that, we used a mini-flashlight to see if the chicken was cooked.  The chicken survived, with only a few burnt edges.

We’ve lived in the house last year at this time- I’m not sure why a back porch light didn’t occur to me before.  Especially as we have a dog that likes to be let out into the murky backyard to chase rabbits and stray animals- and you can never tell what’s running straight at you out of the darkness.   Is it Stella or a rapid raccoon?  Don’t know!  It keeps life interesting for us.

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