Jewelry for your furniture?

I saw a recent article in the NY Times talking about jewelry for your furniture. Literally. They actually had an oversized charm bracelet for your bed. Not my style, and definitely not in my price range, but…

The article actually was more specifically about how fashion is shaping the world of home decorating, and how, soon, fashion magazines like Vogue will be spinning off home decorating magazines that feature furniture and furniture accessories influenced by the latest style in clothing. They gave examples like metallic fabrics, jewel embellished dressers, and fabric that’s commonly used in purses and shoes now showing up on chairs and bedding. They also mention Target (which I kinda love) capitalizing on the trend that it’s as easy to change the look of a room as it “is to change your sweater”.

Ok, they may have a point on that one- as I often get grandiose ideas for a room that I believe I can pull off in a day or two, but changing out accessories (which they do mention) is a little different than changing out entire pieces of furniture. And while I do think the home personalization they mention is a good thing- and the need for people to define their own home “style” is important- do people really need to spend their money on something that will obviously be laughable in a few months?

I think furniture following fashion too closely is taking it a bit far. Of course, my accessory budget is much less massive charm bracelet, and more like sale-item throw pillow.

Regardless, is this type of consumerism right? I’ve always tried to buy home pieces (and accessories) that will reflect my taste for more than one season- things that will last for years and years. In my opinion, I think it’s ok to maybe buy a pair of shoes that you know will be out of season in a year or two (though that still isn’t environmentally friendly)- but is it responsible to do the same with a couch, or a chair, or even an oversized accessory? Thoughts?

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One thought on “Jewelry for your furniture?

  1. j

    I thought like you did when I started buying furniture-however-after kids, pets, & having to look at the SAME stuff everyday-I know nothing lasts for years and years. Kind of like dishes? Who likes to see the same dishes day after day after day–Still need Autumn!

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