The rooms are full- but how about the shed?

While M & I were in Nashville this weekend, I was walking out of a home improvement store when I spotted a large shed in their parking lot display.  Now normally, I don’t pay much attention to sheds. It’s something that isn’t really on my radar. 

Imagine that. 

We do have a rusty one that needs replacing in our yard, but it’s tucked into a corner I can’t see from the house.  Out of sight, out of mind, and all that.

This one stopped me in my tracks.  Why?  The doors were open- and inside was a staircase.  A staircase that made me go “Whaa?”

Turned out it was a two story shed- with a loft area above the main floor.   Now, I’m aware that people much more skilled than I have converted tall garages, barns, and other outside buildings into living areas-  as evidenced by a recent NY Times article, and many of the talented house bloggers (looking your way Enon Hall).  But I never really thought about being able to do it with a shed that I buy and convert from one of the big boxes.

Something about a summer guest “cottage” that would allow people to enjoy our garden when they visit is appealing.  And, someday far far in the future, I could see my kids sleeping out in the cottage with their cousins…or using the space as a satelite office, or workspace for my crafty endeavors…the potential is unlimited, especially when you consider the limited area we have inside our bungalow for such things…

I realize that the building and converting of a shed like this would be time consuming, and expensive, and depending on the footprint size- overwhelming for our yard…but I think it’s definitely going on my house-ideas list.

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