Character out the ying-yang…

Sounds painful, but surprisingly pleasant…

My parents know how I feel about houses with “character”- they may not always understand it, but they recognize that I’m a bit of a throw-back and embrace it.

So while M & I were visiting Nashville this weekend, my dad took us on a tour of nearby downtown Franklin. Every house, and I mean EVERY HOUSE, I saw downtown was either “Ooo, I like that one.” or a “That’s a really pretty house.”

I’m sure it got old real fast. If fact, I even got tired of hearing it come out of my mouth.

But my dad was a trooper, and continued to drive us around for a least another half an hour looking at houses. It may have had something to do with a vast conspiracy intended to get us to move down there- but it’s probably best not to dwell on ulterior motives, right?

Big beautiful porches, carved woodwork, quirky rotundas. And the wide, graceful balconies. OH, the balconies alone could make a girl weak in the knees…

You want history? You can’t step out of your car in Franklin and not trip over it. It has Civil War history oozing out of every crevice in the sidewalks. You want character? Look no further than the traffic circle, the cute independent shops, and the churches on every corner….

Unfortunately, M & I aren’t ready to move…nor do we have the big bucks needed to wallow in such well-defined character….but I can always go for another visit.

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One thought on “Character out the ying-yang…

  1. I do that sometimes… drive with my in-laws around Downtown Denver, and I do the same thing. I just can’t stop exclaiming over the gorgeous houses everywhere! My husband wants to get the duct tape out, I’m sure.

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