The fluffy pink stuff

M & I took our weekly trip to the home improvement store today…and drooled over the kitchens, drooled over the leaded glass doors, drooled over insulation. Ok, maybe not drooled over the insulation, but definitely spent more time in that aisle that any of the other sections of the store.

After careful and thorough discussions – and by quite a bit of pushing on my part- we decided to start slowly tackling the attic conversion. We had been ready to go ahead with the doors- but alas- it’s too damn cold! And, really, I don’t want all my precious, precious heat flowing river-like into the unheated cold and cruel world. So, as much as I hate it, we’re going to hold off until April or so for the new doors, and then get both done in one fell swoop.

The plan for the attic is to take one gaping hole at a time- each weekend/evening we have free. It’ll take some time, but we don’t really use the upstairs space, so it won’t be a huge inconvenience if it’s left for stretches of time.

If all goes to plan, I’m also thinking that we’ll probably finish up right about the time we turn off the heat in May…

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