My retinas!

Do not look directly at the Christmas decorations, serious eye injury may occur.

This Pld House Contest

For those of you who may not peruse the This Old House website, they are sponsoring a holiday home decorating contest.  (the picture above is the first thing you’re greeted with when you go to the site btw)

Not sure what to say…the picture kind of speaks for itself…but maybe, uh, wow?  Or hoo, boy!

For the record, I am a holiday decorator.  When I was a kid, my family and I would drive around the various suburban neighborhoods oohing and ahhing over different houses.  I love the lights.  I love the tinsel.  I love the trimmings and holly and all that, but this?  A bit lot of overkill, in my opinion.  Less is more people!  Less is more!  I don’t think this is what Currier and Ives had in mind when trying to conjure images of Christmas…

 Are you hoping Santa will be able to make his way to your house easier if he can spot it miles away?  Are you hoping that your house will help guide errant planes towards the local airport?  Maybe you drink a little too much eggnog around this time of year at the neighbors and want an easy guide to get back home…I don’t know.

Like those cheesy redneck jokes (but less funny)-  if you’re house holiday energy bill is larger than your energy bill the rest of the year combined, you may have too many lights.

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One thought on “My retinas!

  1. My Aunt’s house in Newfoundland can be seen from space she has so many lights. But then she is crazy. One year she left her chritmas tree up all year. She left it up in the begining to let my cousin’s boyfriend se it when he got home but that kept being delayed and so it just stayed up.


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