Back at the ranch…er, bungalow.

Sixteen hours trapped in a car with limited musical choices can create some interesting conversation topics.

“If you’re trapped on a deserted island, what two celebrities (one male and one female) would you want with you?”

“Why don’t you ever sing a song with my name in it?”

“Phineas sounds like an old sailor that does scrimshaw…”

Yeah, we’re a strange couple…But, M, Stella and I are back- and the time let M & I discuss one of my favorite topics- renovation!  (obviously)

It turns out that we have more ideas than money- something we already knew- but are now thinking about getting some bids on….(drumroll please).

Adding a bathroom to the upstairs attic space!  YAY!

The idea was first proposed by my brilliant mother when we discussed making the top floor a master suite/office…We had dismissed it originally due to the headaches that we had with the recent bathroom remodel, and fears over the cost, but now that time has dulled the edges of that project…

It will most likely cost much more than we want- but we both think that an extra half a bath would be a great addition, and add a lot of value to the house.  So, after the New Year, we might be looking at plumbing fixtures once again!

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2 thoughts on “Back at the ranch…er, bungalow.

  1. I’ve wanted to turn our attic into a master bedroom/bath suite… I’m afraid of the cost! Are you going to do just the bathroom upstairs now, or are you doing a whole suite of some sort?

  2. A full suite had been the original plan- but depending on the cost of adding the bathroom- it might take awhile!

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