And the color winner is…

Brown! Or more accurately, a tan-ish brown that matches the teeny tiny itsy bitsy brown that’s also in our bedspread. While I love the color green, it’s a bit much for the contrasting colors we have. And the yellow, though bright and sunny, could also be a bit much after awhile.

The plan for the next three days is kinda ambitious- and may stretch my crafty/home improvement/frugal skills to the breaking point… before and after pictures to be posted soon!

Also- saw the commercial for this on tv the other day- a level that grips and has adjustable “targets” for marking on…well, almost anything.

Which leads me to the question- Why hasn’t someone thought of this before? It’s so simple! So easy! So common sense! More importantly, why hadn’t I thought of it and made my millions of dollars in patenting the idea?   Just another one of those questions for the ages…

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2 thoughts on “And the color winner is…

  1. Yeah! Brown was my favorite of the choices!
    That is a neat level! How does it work?

  2. cotterpinhouse

    🙂 I just hope it turns out!

    The level has these sliding circle thingys (I think that’s the official name btw) to mark where your hanging points would be (on a picture, door, ect.) so when you go to place those same points on the wall/doorframe/etc, you don’t need to drill 100 holes to get it to hang evenly. It also has grippers, so if you move your hand to mark the hole on the wall, the level won’t slip. Cool, huh?

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