For the love of God, why? WHY?

Granted it’s under This Old House’s wacky gadgets section–  but really…Why?

And yes…those are rhinestones…

The bigger question is- what would you say if you’re at a co-workers home for the first time, and saw this?

I’d be struck speechless…I’m speechless now.


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5 thoughts on “For the love of God, why? WHY?

  1. oh my! is it wrong to want one?? 🙂

  2. All you need now is a disco ball on the ceiling! The perfect piece for people who want to be called “Sparklebutt”…..

  3. dadb

    This is the exact toilet Liberace’ would have had in his house in Vegas!!
    No accounting for some peoples tastes.

  4. r

    So shiny! I like it. Ok, I’d like it for a few days and then be sick of it.

  5. I NEED it! I NEED it for my bathroom!!!

    (Wouldn’t it hurt when you sat down?)

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