Haul out the holly, and the mortarboard, and the suntan lotion.

The Cotterpin house is finally getting dressed up for the holidays! 

I know, I know, there are many of you out there who took care of that little task around Thanksgiving (or for your hardcore holiday lovers out there, and various retailers- Halloween), and do not need to go out in the 48 inches of snow and ice to put up lights.  If you are one of those people with that type of foresight and or ESP, I applaud you.  And would like a gentle kick in the pants from you next year…

Anyway, I’ve been putting it off because of many reasons- travel, travel, and for M- finals.  But looking at our calendar, it dawned on me last night that this is the last free weekend for any kind of daytime “I can actually see what I’m doing while freezing my fingers off” type of decorating.  December is funny like that with that whole dark at 5pm thing.   Anyway, it turns out that the next 4 (and maybe even 5) weekends are booked- which means if I put it off any longer, I’ll be hauling out that holly in mid-January.  Hee hee..sigh…

Not that I’m not excited about the upcoming booked weekends- I am very excited…Our schedule consists of:  M’s law school graduation (anyone want to hire a bright eyed and bushy tailed new lawyer in the Milw. area? Anyone? Anyone?), a road trip to Nashville for our first country Christmas y’all, followed closely with a trip to the beautiful beaches and plentiful margaritas of Mexico, and then ringing in 2008 back in Nashville.

But all of those activities also means very little movement on the renovation front until the New Year.   Hmm…Family fun, presents, a degree, and a tan in December OR insulating the attic. 

I might be a reno geek, but the choice is obvious…

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One thought on “Haul out the holly, and the mortarboard, and the suntan lotion.

  1. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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