Donna Quixote- the Lady of Milwaukee.

So, I’ve blogged about green renovation issues before- and am generally on board with doing what you can to save the planet, while saving your pocket change.  This is including M’s idea on installing solar panels for our electric needs.  Generally, when we talk about it, it’s always hazy “in a few years/when we have more room/money/time” ideas on saving on our heating/cooling bills. 

Looks like we’re not alone though in this mindset- and the government is looking to move up that time frame in many consumers’ brains.  The NY Times article attached is about wind power- and the tax credits consumers can receive by installing a windmill in their yards.  In a nutshell, for those in windy areas, it would be a great way to harness sustainable energy- and create energy for others at the same time (one person profiled creates enough energy to power a large school).

Kind of a cool idea- but I’m not sure how much wind I can capture in my little suburb…maybe enough for a toaster or something.  I do have an abundance of canine energy though- does anyone have a way to harness that?

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2 thoughts on “Donna Quixote- the Lady of Milwaukee.

  1. dadb

    Two words:
    Treadmill, hamburger.
    You can connect the dots..
    an endless supply of enough power for the Calatrava!!

  2. Feed the dogs beans and harness the power of methane.

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