Fiddling with Floor Plans*

M’s brothers were visiting this weekend for his graduation- which went great btw, no tripping on the way to get the diploma- and I seized on the opportunity to pick the brain of one of the brothers- the family renovator.    He’s flipped a few houses- and is in the midst of renovating his own kitchen- and he had a few ideas on what to do with ours…

Our current kitchen has a few issues (see below)- including that our refrigerator is placed in front of our kitchen windows, we have almost no counter/storage space (in blue), and that a large portion of the walls are taken up by multiple doorways (the grey boxes).  The black box is the chimney and pretty much destined to stay there for all of eternity, and the small grey box to the left of the windows is a built-in spice cabinet.

Our kitchen layout- now

M’s brother suggested blowing out the pantry to open up the room into the kitchen.  We also talked of blocking the doorway to the hall, and moving the fridge in its place.  While I like the idea of moving the fridge, I’m not sure if taking out the pantry will help because of the staircase that currently is in front of the pantry doors.  The space in the pantry isn’t that large, and the space gained would probably be taken up by cabinets.  You’ll see a modified version of this- with the pantry blow-out, and with additional cabinets added to the wall o’windows.

kitchen w/o pantry

M doesn’t like the idea of blocking off a doorway and creating essentially two long parallel hallways, and I’m not sure I really like where the refrigerator is in this location either.  I’d be would be worried about the swing of the door- but it’s a possibility.  I really like the additional storage under the window though- and the increase in usable counter space.  We could also install window seats (with storage) under the windows instead of a counter…

Finally, I mapped out what it would look like if we moved the fridge to the opposite side, but created an “L” shape with the counter-  I like the look of it, but also realize it’s not the standard triangle workspace shape the experts recommend. 

kitchen- #3

So, ideas?  Suggestions?  Anything that won’t cost an arm, a leg, and our first born child?

*Definitely not to scale, so please give me a bit of slack on the proportions…

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One thought on “Fiddling with Floor Plans*

  1. dadb

    I think that blocking the door from the kitchen into the hallway is a good idea. It’s a lot of wall/floor space without a good reason. Use the limited space you have. Besides, your brilliant mother came up with that one first!
    Re: Work triangle. The recommended work triangle is supposed to be under 24′, (total of all 3 sides) and having been in your kitchen, that is achievable.
    Also recommend that you look at pics online of the tiny kitchens in Paris apartments for ideas. Surf for Paris apartments for rent, then look at the kitchen pics inbedded in the apartment details.

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