Star Light, Necklace Bright

Saw this gift for the lady home renovator at Uncommon Goods during my last minute online shopping- and while I think the concept is clever, I can’t stand the color.

Really, if I wanted to wear flourescent greenish yellow, I’d have become a construction worker, or crossing guard, or firefighter, or punk rocker, or…or…someone equally use to wearing that color.

Could they have made it in dark blue or black or something?  You know, colors the uptight business suits can wear? 

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One thought on “Star Light, Necklace Bright

  1. D

    but there is a certian poetic justice in this. you know, you could hold it up at work to one of your less favorite co-workers and say, “just as I suspected..he’s half a bubble off level”. Almost makes it worth dealing with the color.

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