I’m melting…MELTING…oh, what a world.

After a record amount of snow in the month of December*, by the looks of it, much of it will be gone come Christmas.  Puddles abound.  Heads routinely get dripped on.   The eaves of my house look like the inside of Gollum’s cave**.

ice, ice, baby 

Which has been leading to multiple reports on the news about ice damming and the havoc it can cause to your roof.  In a nutshell for the Southerners in the audience, when the snow melts on the roof and then refreezes at night, the expanding water forces the ice back up the roof under the shingles.  Which is very, very bad, for numerous reasons.  So, one more thing to worry about in this stress-free season, right?   

Yeah, there are roof shovels and gutter guards and all sorts of other preventative steps to keep this from happening…but either require installation in the autumn months, or are as rare in the stores nowadays as those pesky ice melt pellets.***

So far (fingers crossed) it hasn’t been an issue with us- and the snow is rapidly disappearing.  The roof is also brand spanking new- which I hope helps (please don’t burst my bubble if it doesn’t!), and it’s pretty clear of snow- the charcoal color shingle we have helps with that too…but you never know.

Maybe we’ll come home after the holidays to a caved-in roof…could we stay with you then?

*Milwaukee has gotten more snow than any other metro in the country!  Oh, c’mon…We have to have something to brag about other than beer, cheese and the Packers.

**Shout out to you LOTR fans out there  (cough, cough, Mom, cough, M)

***Seriously…three stores…no pellets…and me with my horrible sense of balance.  You do the math.

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