New Year…New Work…

I knew the New Year was coming, but I was not prepared for it. 

For some reason, (traveling 25 million miles in 2 days?  too much rum?  being thrown into freezing weather while still in shorts?) I was caught off guard when the new year rolled in.  I’d blame it also on a time delay, but when you only travel directly south, and then directly north, you don’t really have that excuse either.  Alas.

Anyway, back at the bungalow, the improvements patiently waited for us.  So, in addition to my resolution to floss more often, I’ve added our house resolutions for the year- in roughly chronological order.

  • Start and finish insulating the attic area
    • Get estimates on installing a half bath on the second floor.  Immediately abandon the idea if it costs more than the down-payment on the house.
    • Install built-in bookcases, skylights, wall boards, electrical outlets, etc., into the newly insulated attic area
    • Finish out/Decorate the attic space for use as office/spare bedroom
  •  Install new front and back doors on the house
  • Expand the downstairs bedroom closet into the existing pantry space so I can actually hang up some of my clothes like an adult
  • Plant lilac bushes along our backyard fence line to disguise the ugly fence/alley/garage
    • Paint the mentioned garage so it doesn’t look like a shack- better yet, replace the one car garage with a two car garage so M can stop parking on the street
    • Remove the rusty shack that is pretending to be a shed, but is just an oversize playhouse for the squirrels, rabbits and lawn furniture
    • Install a new patio/pergola so our patio furniture doesn’t get a new home every time we need to mow the lawn underneath
  •  Design and move forward on a kitchen renovation
    • Including new counters, cabinets, sink, and faucet
    • Rip up the ugly (seeing a pattern here?) orange linoleum and refinish the hardwood floors lurking below

At this point, provided M & I haven’t killed each other, it will most likely be 2020…but it’s something to work toward.  The renovation I mean.  Not the futuristic date. 

Or the killing the spouse thing.

Anyone else need a New Year’s margarita?

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