No more excuses…

…for getting the insulation put up and the conversion officially started. 

Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. 

Because, while I’m excited about getting to use  a very generous Christmas present from my parents, (it’s light enough for me to move around, compact, and can do both nails and staples!!  Everyone together now: oooh..ahhhh)  and that all our nailing needs are taken care of for the foreseeable future, I’m also a bit intimidated about tackling the next project.  It’s going to be a tough one- most likely full of blood, sweat, tears and a second job.

So, on one hand, energy efficiency, a cute new tool to play with, and a good start to the attic conversion…On the other hand, itchy insulation, creepy dark crawlspaces filled with spiders, and God only knows what kind of mess the last owner tried to cover up.  Did I also mention the spiders?  Definitely not looking forward to the spiders. 

Pictures (not of the spiders, but the attic) to be posted before the fun begins!

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2 thoughts on “No more excuses…

  1. Is that an air compressor? Drool.
    I am avoiding going into our attic… in fact, sometimes I forget it’s there!

  2. Hi. I look forward to seeing the pix. of your attic conversion. I have an old Foursquare and I was thinking of doing the same thing. Good Luck! BTW. I have the same compressor. Works great- Glad you got the one with the handle. I don’t know why they made some without.

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