January Showers bring May Flowers

I never thought I would utter that phrase in Wisconsin, but there it is- the last few days we’ve had thunderstorms rolling through the area. And while I would love to believe that this will be par for the course for the rest of winter, I know it’s just a cruel, cruel joke that Mother Nature is playing on all of us Northerners.

“What? You get a couple of days of spring weather, and you think you’re in the clear? Ha! The foot of snow I’m going to dump on you next week will wake you up from your spring gardening plans!”

Doesn’t help that I’ve received catalogs from two separate gardening supply companies urging me to ORDER NOW for the spring planting season…At least all those pretty, pretty, depressingbecauseit’llbesixmonthsbeforeIseethose flowers will help me to cross off one of this year’s house resolutions.

And I’ll just pretend that I’m getting a jump on planning my garden and flowerbeds as I try to ignore my frostbitten toes…

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One thought on “January Showers bring May Flowers

  1. i just got mine on the mail too, and i cant wait till i start plotting some new seeds.

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