Knocked down a peg or two

By a cold of all things.

Everyone here at the Cotterpin House seems to be suffering from a medical malady this weekend.  M & I both have obnoxious colds- which gives us just enough energy to move from the couch to the kitchen and back.  Even Stella is experiencing a little stomach discomfort- which has been less than exciting to deal with in our sniffly states.

Maybe it’s because of the imposed limits of mobility, but I’ve been noticing all the little things that have piled up over the last few months, and I’m itching to get some deep spring cleaning/spring to-do’s done.  Yes, I realize spring isn’t for another three months- but the dinged up porch, the squeaky floorboards, the tacky linoleum in the back entry- all are acting up in desperate cries for attention.  And it’s bugging me that I can’t do anything about it.

Sigh.  Maybe next weekend.  (insert sad music here.)

In other news, M was crowned sworn in at the Capital building this week.  Very exciting and momentous, and a great opportunity for me to gawk at some gorgeous architecture.  Pics to come later this week…

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