In the dark

Both literally and figuratively.

 A couple of days ago, our kitchen was put on 24hr black-out status.  The “why” is a mystery…but I’ve been feeling like I’m living in 1941 London the last few days.

M had gone into the kitchen on Monday night, flipped the light switch to our recently installed overhead light, saw a flash, and heard a “pop”. 

The bulb had burned out, right?

Yet after both bulbs were changed, the light refused to come back on.  We checked the breaker box and the light switch (which also operates the still functioning basement lights)- and short of ripping pulling the light down and reconnecting the wires- haven’t been able to find the problem. 

And, as our renovation habit requires us to work for a living, by the time we get home from work in the evening the kitchen is extremely dark- making any kind of cooking, microwaving, or food preparation extremely difficult.  Getting food out of the refrigerator is pretty easy, but utilizing the little light bulb from the fridge by leaving the door open is just not an option. 

Last night I came home to M making dinner by the light of one of our stained glass floor lamps.  It took a bit longer than normal- checking if the chicken was still raw was a challenge when the color of the light was yellow and green – but it worked.

So take a wild guess what we’ll be doing this weekend?  Just another thing to add to the list!

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