Crazy in Love…Or just stir crazy.

It might be cabin fever, but I swear my house is closing in on me.  Every day the walls seem to creep justaninch closer- like that scene from Star Wars on slow-motion.   While I love the tiny cozy feel of my house- and am all about the character of my bungalow- I’m definitely feeling the need to gain a little more usable space for my hobbies.   

Or to breathe.

Whatever.  Ahem.

The basement we’ve been using for pretty much everything?  Just not cutting it. 

I need sunlight!  And if that is not possible because of the eternal night that is Wisconsin, then fresh air!  No? Too cold to crack open the windows?  Then at least ceilings that touch the very heavens themselves*!

Or maybe just finishing up the attic (with skylights) sometime soon. 

Or you know…actually starting the attic-  frostbitten fingers be damned.

 *I fully acknowledge that cost of heating such a kitchen (or this house for that matter) in Siberia Wisconsin is completely impractical, but a girl can pine over the transformation she saw on This Old House, can’t she?  I think so.

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2 thoughts on “Crazy in Love…Or just stir crazy.

  1. Dad

    you know, when you need a Library Ladder to get to the top cabinets, something has gone wrong.. we may need a step stool, but a Library Ladder?!?
    good thing you’re going to get a break soon..

  2. I’m so short I need a ladder to get to my normal height cabinet tops! I would be completely unable to function in a kitchen like that. 🙂 But it sure is gorgeous… and the light is unbelievable.

    I would love to finish our attic space… I have an issue of TOH with an article of a house that started with my exact floor plan.. and ended up with a great master suite and balcony added in the attic. I keep drooling over it. It’s getting a little gross from constant moisture.

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