Doors, Glorious Doors

I realized doors could be pricey, and maybe I’m a bit cheap…but wow.

$2500 for a door?  NOT including installation?!?!  Is it plated in gold?  Will it open itself for me if my arms are full of groceries?  Will it let out a warning siren if someone breaks into it?

Granted, it was very pretty/sparkly/solid in an imposing type of way…Wrought iron played heavily in the design…but I can’t justify spending more on the front door of my house than what I spent on my first car.

(So yeah.  My first car was cheap…whatever.  I looked cool in that convertible…though it’s not too hard to look cool in -10 degree weather with only a tarp as a roof…)


But, after two different retail locations, M and I decided on two that we liked- one for the front and one for the back.  We now just need to figure out timing, installation, which kidney we’d like to sell off for payment, stuff like that.

And while I’d love to post a picture here of the new door- you’ll just have to make due with the link.  (It’s the Prairie Bevel 3/4 lite on page 18- and perfect for the Prairie stained glass in the living room).

 PS- Some have asked, and the Prairie Bevel door we chose did NOT come to $2500- much less.  My frugal side won that battle!

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4 thoughts on “Doors, Glorious Doors

  1. D

    Re: Car vs. front door cost. A couple of points for the door.
    1) It will last longer than your car.
    2) It hold it’s value when you sell it (the house).
    3) For those ‘in the know’ it is “Tres cool”
    4) I will help you stay warm on the -10 days. You won’t have to pull that baseball hat down low on your head to stay warm!!
    5) You don’t have to worry about the guy in front of you stopping too quick with the door.

  2. Funny about the car… that’s more than my first car… and almost as much as my current car!
    I like that door alot!

  3. I definitely like the door, but agree that $2500 is a bit steep. My first car was a little more than $2500, and its already gone. So, I guess D has a good point about the door holding its value.

    One point that D didn’t mention is that doors are similar to cars in that they instantly leave an impression on people about you when they see it (e.g. they see your car, they make a judgment about you… they see the door, maybe a little of the same).

  4. That door is incredibly nice, especially with the sun shining through the front/back in the summer days.

    The door doesn’t require constant maintenance, washing, or gas… and the only accident you could have is possibly a bruised finger.

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