Now we’re cooking with gas…

Most of this weekend was spent looking at cabinets, and counter-tops, and then cabinets again, and then alternate counter-top options, and then once more?  Just for fun?  Cabinets!

Who knew there were so many choices? In so many colors?

Ok.  I did.

And honestly, our budget helped narrow the field considerably.  I quickly realized that, although the skies would part to reveal brilliant sunshine, the angels would sing hymns of praise and small woodland animals would congregate at my feet in joy every day if we bought the beautiful cherry Mission style cabinets I fell in love with, our bank account would need life support and we would have to be ok with only eating bread and water for every meal until my children have children.

The name of the game now is compromise.  Something that might just brighten my mood when I saw it and still leave money for my daily caffeine habit groceries.

The cabinets attached are the front runners from American Woodmark.  We both like the color and feel the style is pretty close in keeping with the style of our house- but some of the reviews I’ve been reading about the company is pretty negative…So?  What’s a girl to do?  Keep looking?  Expand the budget?  Hope for a miracle?

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