What would an expert do?

Design? Check.  We’re pretty close (see below).

Budget? Check.  We decided it this week.

Cabinet manufacturer? Double check.  With a 10% discount we’ll be able to afford the higher quality cabinets for the same price as the lower quality.

Color of the cabinets? That’s the newest problem.

Our floors are going to be a light natural maple color. The woodwork around the kitchen windows, the doors, the baseboard, and all moldings are a mix of colors- courtesy of 70-odd years of natural weathering and use- ranging from a honey color to a chestnut brown.

So- should we choose a middle tone? Should we try to match the woodwork? Or, should we go with a darker matching hue to the woodwork?

The colors we’re trying to decide between are in blue below. The middle color (my personal fav) is an extra 5% because it’s a glaze- which doesn’t rule it out, just adds an additional element to consider.

So what would you choose?

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4 thoughts on “What would an expert do?

  1. Dad

    I would go with the lightest of the three. While the middle color may match the color of the existing doors, a lighter shade may match the highlights as I see them on your pictures.

    Another reason I choose the lighter color is that the darker the cabinets, the smaller the room looks.

    Go with your instincts. You have a great eye and nobody knows your tastes better than you.

    Another idea that would give you more light and a more dramatic appearance would be under cabinet lighting. Ask about it at Home Depot.

    I like the cabinets!


  2. j

    Well-I guess I can see why you want the Chocolate Glaze now. That would be the one that I would have chosen too. How much extra is it? If that’s not an option, I’d go with the lighter color. It still picks up the colors in the doors too.
    So many choices. Part of the fun? Maybe when it’s all over!

  3. Ed Gall

    For what it’s worth:

    I have always used Kraftmaid cabinets, and we’ve always gone with oak or white (boring, but like a navy suit, its a classic look) Their lower-end cabinets (~$95/linear ft) come with dovetailed drawer boxes and a few extras…

    I’ve stayed away from glazes, as I’m afraid they’ll look dated in a much shorter time (“…that’s so early 2000’s…”). You’d hate to sell in a few years, thinking of how ‘new’ your kitchen is, and have some snotty agent call your kitchen ‘dated’.

    While you have the walls torn up, run some electrical boxes where the cabinets will go and put outlets on a switch. Or you can get linked flourescent fixtures…plug in one, and attach up to 10 more, just like Xmas lights)

    Please be aware the no matter how much you pay, the fronts will be beautiful hardwood, and the rest (sides, interior, back, etc) will be particle board (or even pressed paper board) with a woodgrain decal.

    Check the depth (both directions) on your chimney in the corner. It may give you some problems, as I recall it’s not 24″ (std cabinet depth). This may leave you with a gap to try and figure out

    Counters…we were going to go with Silestone, but just can’t get past the 10x price, compared to formica. I know formica is boring (just like the oak cabinets), but the cost savings could pay for that vacation you’ve been wanting!!

    If you get into the pantry, do you have room for a dishwasher??

    Please also keep in mind that I’ve been messing around with our kitchen for almost a year…2-3 years, if you count various planning/drawing efforts. Be prepared for some upheaval in your life (such as doing dishes in the bathtub…or just having Stella lick them off for you).

    Enough ‘free advice’…I’ll be quiet now…

  4. I would go with the darkest of the three, in the chestnut colour. As the darkest element in the room, it will draw your attention. And with such pretty cabinets, that’s what you want right? 🙂

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