Gelling…sloooowly Gelling

Not much progress on any of our projects over the weekend- though I think I did decide on a cabinet color.

Drum-roll, please?

None of the choices shown!  

I went back to the cabinet supply store, took another look at the finishes, and realized that the unposted “maple praline” matched everything the best.   Also, there is no extra charge for that specific color (the color I liked on the posted pictures was $6 per linear foot), and the new cabinets cost only $1 extra per linear foot.  You can call me frugal- but I’m always in favor of paying only $1 to get the effect of $6.

Now we just have to wait for the general contractor to come and measure so we can finalize the design.  That also means that we’ll soon be up to our eyeballs in sink, faucet, and dishwasher choices. 

And the countertops?   Again, we chose none of the above, in a manner of speaking.  My parents suggested looking at granite tile- it’s cheaper than granite slab, and comes in convenient 24″ tiles- which allows us a little more customization because we can install it ourselves, for a lot less money.   Turns out it’s cheaper (about $15/sq foot) than a lot of the other choices out there- including solid surface, concrete, and (my personal fav) soapstone.

Did I mention I was frugal?

But again, we’re faced with color options…below are the two we like the best from The Tile Shop (an extremely helpful tile store here in the Milwaukee area).

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5 thoughts on “Gelling…sloooowly Gelling

  1. I can’t wait to get some kitchen cabinets ordered! Hmm, in my opinion, the darker gray tile is better. 🙂 Happy shopping!

  2. Hmm… I don’t know EXACTLY what color Maple Praline is, but it SOUNDS like it might be the same color (or close) to our cabinets. It’s a nice color. We are doing a granite that is like your first choice… it’s almost exactly the same except the on ewe are using has garnet colored crystal chunks scattered throughout that nice base color/texture. Of course, we didn’t choose the granite… it’s just a salvage from a job my father-in-law worked on.

  3. Dad

    I looked at the tile shop link. I would change their design just a little. Instead of having big grout lines in a contrasting color, I’d butt the tiles tight to each other and then use a grout as close to the color of the tiles as possible.
    If you do it right the grout lines will almost disappear and most everyone will assume that it’s a solid granite top. Don’t tell them it they don’t ask!!

  4. You mean the Tile Shop on Hwy 100? I’ve gotten a lot of travertine and granite tile from them in the past with good results. 24″ tile can really good – He did his like that. I used 12″ in the past but would switch to 24″ next time around. A thin groutline does make it blend in well, too.

  5. As M Jeff said, we did the large tile, and it turned out great. After a year, we are still really happy with it.

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