A Sticky Situation

It looks like the fun kitchen stuff might be coming to an end…and by “fun stuff” I mean my wailing and gnashing of teeth over all the choices there are in kitchen cabinets and counters.  This weekend, M and I will be attempting to pull up the two layers (that we know) of linoleum in the kitchen to have a look at the hardwood floor underneath. 

And as soon as I mention this project, the naysayers come out of the woodwork. 

“Ooo…my parents did that, and were scraping up black adhesive for weeks before they could refinish!”

“Eww…my brother did that- he had sawdust covering everything!  They couldn’t get rid of it for months!”

“Ahhh…good luck!  My sister’s friend’s baby’s nanny refinished her floors- the machine went haywire and burned huge marks into the wood that they had to cover up with new flooring!”

It’s amazing how the stories continue to get worse the closer we get to doing the project.

Still, call me an optimist, because we’re forging ahead.  I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it’s still in good condition. 

The odds are in my favor- before we moved in, the owner ripped out the capeting and refinished the floors- they were in good condition, and look great…but you never know why someone installs linoleum over something else.  Maybe there’s stains in the wood?  Giant holes that allowed picturesque views of the basement?  The face of Madonna looking up at me? Anything is really possible.

Pictures will be taken and posted soon!  Wish us luck. 

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2 thoughts on “A Sticky Situation

  1. This would be a bad time to bring up what we found, huh?

    Okay, actually, we didn’t pull up the linoleum (yet?), but we pulled up the carpet in the living room, and the PO had nailed down thick particleboard subflooring over the hardwood. Which we already knew. It was the doorway into the kitchen that cracked us up (and which would have made us cry if we’d been planning to restore the floor): someone had gone just all John Woo with the nailgun, and there were dozens and dozens of Very Large Nails peppered throughout one particular segment. I don’t think there was more than 3″ between any nails, and much less between some. I guess it squeaked.

    Past tense.

  2. It seems that every floor we install requires some type of massive staple removal effort. When builders put in underlayments, they just LOVE to staple. Although I must say then when I do a ceramic tile job, you are NEVER getting that floor up – you’d be better off pulling out the plywood and laying all new. Anyhow, good luck with the staples… hopefully you can bang the majority of them in, rather than pulling them out.

    We have a tough time deciding what kinds of wood “compliment” other woods in the house. As a result, we’ve got a ton of woods in the house. One day we’ll parse them all out and settle on one. One day.

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