Little Kitchen of Horrors

It took us prying up four (4!) layers of various flooring materials before we hit the bottom.

Four sweat-inducing, swear-laden layers.  Two layers of linoleum.  A thick layer of plywood.  And then a strange layer of cardboard backed roofing felt.

Yes, it was that much fun.

The findings?  There is hardwood flooring underneath it all (pictures as soon as I get them loaded- and our DSL is up), but it’s covered in the adhesive used to glue the felt to the wood. 

All I can say is WHY?  WHY would anyone GLUE felt to beautiful hardwood floors?  Did they know how much it would kill my renovating soul?!? 

So, we’re still weighing the options-  the easiest solution would be just to rip up the linoleum layers, and lay down laminate.  The most authentic (and backbreaking) solution would be to rip it all up, and hope that an industrial strength floor sander will get up the adhesive…

The jury is still out as I continue to shudder in horror.

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4 thoughts on “Little Kitchen of Horrors

  1. Bonnie

    Try wetting a small area, it may come right off

  2. Depending on when your house was built, the flooring might have asbestos. Read more about it here. I researched it a bit for a local church with a vinyl / linoleum floor in their fellowship hall, and found places that will test for around $20 per sample.

  3. Brad

    I’ve got an interesting horror tale. I was helping my dad redo the floor in their house my parents bought a while back, and when we pulled up the old laminate, we found a layer of this porous concrete material. Upon chipping away at it, we discovered a VERY sloped subfloor underneath. Apparently, instead of taking the long way an repairing the floor, the previous owners took it upon themselves to pour this crap down in a cheap attempt to level the floor. We had to frame and build a new subfloor on top of the old one, then lay the flooring. That was a trip.

  4. lovely photo!

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