Demolition Derby

On our kitchen floor…

Today officially kicked off the demo of the floors…and good lord, the PO liked staples.  An overabundance of staples.  An overabundance of long pointy staples.  Have I mentioned all the staples?

The picture is just one edge of a 6″x6″ tile.  Our kitchen has about…oh…200 tiles or so.  That’s ok though- I’ve always wanted to build up my forearms like Popeye.

small, pointy, and annoying

Other than that, the ripping up of the prior flooring is going pretty fast.  We debated for a couple of days, but finally decided to install laminate flooring.  I love the look of the refinished floors, but the work that would have to be put in to restore the floors would cost more than the budget for the rest of the kitchen…so we’re going with the next best thing.  (At least I hope it’s the next best thing- I tend to second guess myself sometimes.)

We spent most of Saturday picking out the laminate, only to discover that it didn’t match ANY of the woodwork in the kitchen once we got it home…and we have about 6 different tones of wood in the kitchen alone.   So, we took it back, and got a much more complimentary color.  Not a perfect match, but better.  The bonus is that it’ll help tie in the new cabinets to the old woodwork- which will help with some of that headache.

woodsy, right?

In other renovation news- we bought our new doors!  I’m excited to have them put in- they should be done by the time my parents visit this spring!

my precious...

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