10 Easy Steps!

The kitchen seems to be progressing in bits and pieces- like most of our projects.

Step One- Get SUPER excited about all the possibilities for a new _(insert random project here)_!

Step Two- Start researching options and realize you underestimated prices on 98% of the materials needed for the project.

Step Three- Get discouraged, have a drink, and wait about three weeks before starting back with Step One.

Step Four- Start purchasing supplies needed, while quietly rocking back and forth and weeping in the hardware store over the loss of your retirement savings to pay for _(insert project name here)_.

Step Five- Rough out a general plan & time-line to include all supplies already purchased. Always assume you’re a superhero, and though all the experts recommend taking 2 weeks to complete the project, you can get it done in an easy weekend.

Step Six- Begin installation and realize the 98% of what you purchased doesn’t fit/work in the space/looks ugly in your home, and the other 2% you haven’t bought yet is crucial to project success.

Step Seven- Discuss/argue/yell at your significant other about the lack of planning,/organization/technique/all of the above. (Note that this step usually takes place between the hours of 1AM and 3AM on a Saturday or Sunday night.

Step Eight- Finish the project about 3 years after project was originally dreamed up.

Step Nine- Get a stiff drink and vow never to take on anther DIY project.

Step Ten- Get an idea for a new improvement and think “The _(insert previous project name here)_ that we finished last year wasn’t so hard…we could get _(insert new project name)_ done just as easily.”

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3 thoughts on “10 Easy Steps!

  1. Did you steal my decision making rubrik off of my fridge? 🙂

  2. Dad

    welcome to the club!

  3. cottagerswife

    You missed step 7.5 where you compromise your vision just to have closure. This step also usually involves making extravagant promises to spouse just to get them on board to help you finish it.

    Like your spirited writing.

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