Have a seat

Right now we’re in the sitting phase, while we wait for our cabinets come in and other purchases are being debated…which makes me think of what to do with our new open area by the kitchen windows. Originally we had thought about lining the wall below the windows with cabinets and counters to create another work area- but the mouldings around our window (and the windows themselves) were too low to the ground to accommodate any regular size cabinets…

So instead we’re going to look at gaining some additional storage with a window seat addition.

I really like Lowe’s built-in seating area, but we lack the walls to actually build in- (FYI- the colors are pretty close to what we’re looking at doing- down to the flooring)

So instead we’re looking at storage benches...Like so:

(FYI- I would definitely change the cushion cover- white does not play nice with a muddy dog)

Any other ideas? Maybe a bookcase for my cookbooks (all 6 of them)?

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One thought on “Have a seat

  1. I’ve been thinking of doing something like this by OUR window… right now we have a rolling island cart there, but I keep trying to think of more permanent ideas. I like both of those benches.

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