The door to happiness opens outward

The new doors are in- and we didn’t have to install them!

I’m almost not sure which one I’m happier about- this has been on of the few projects we didn’t try to take on ourselves. Normally I’m all for DIY- but it took the two installers 5 1/2 hours, so with our learning curve it would have taken about three weeks for us to finish the install.

They did a great job though- and the light the doors let in is amazing! (Unfortunately I didn’t get any day shots to show the sun- but I will during the next weekend…)

Before Front Door- inside and outside

New front door- outside and inside close-up

Old Back door

New Back door- Not as exciting as the front, but still so much better!

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6 thoughts on “The door to happiness opens outward

  1. Yeah, door hanging is tough. We learned that the hard way… love your new front door!

  2. Dad

    Great new doors! congrats!

  3. j

    What a difference! Who knew? Screen door looks good with it too. I like the jobs when someone else does the work, don’t you?

  4. j

    Oh-by the way-did I say they were beautiful too?? The back door used to look like something you’d find at the Safe House. So, so much better.

  5. Beautiful new door. Love it, and I’ll bet the light coming through is amazing.

  6. That does look amazing. Good choice!

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